Iceberg 1992 Ltd. elaborates technical documentation in accordance to preliminary tasks or individual projects related to construction of:

    Water cooling plants, Cold accumulators;

    Cold stores, also for fruits and vegetables with capacity from 5 t up to 10 000 t;

    Freezing tunnels - for quick freezing;

    Chilling / Cooling tunnels;

    Cold rooms– fixed and assembled – with volume from 7 up to 70 000 m3; for temperature t = 12°C/ -35°C;

    Cold rooms for nonstandard applications with temperature down to -65°С;

    Drying houses;

    Industrial air-conditioning;

    Ammonia refrigeration plants;

    Carbon dioxide (CO2) liquefying plants;

    Installations for cooling of glycol and other coolants;

    Air-conditioning plants;  

    ULO/CA technologies;

    Monitoring systems;

    Logistic centers, marketplaces;

    Ice rings.