Emerson Climate Technologies is the world’s largest provider of HVAC/R solutions, delivering simple answers for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, as well as for food service, supermarket, environmental, medical and transport businesses. We combine technically superior products from our industry-leading brands - such as the Copeland Scroll™ or DWM Copeland™ compressor and the Alco Controls expansion valve - along with our engineering, logistical, and monitoring capabilities, for unquestionably efficient climate systems. At our core lies a long history of revolutionary technology innovations forming the basis of our global leadership position. These industry-defining, proprietary technologies of Emerson Climate technologies provide customers with the competitive advantage of the most advanced, energy efficient and environmentally responsible temperature control systems available.
Copeland - refigeration, air-conditioning and heating compressors and condensing units – hermetic, semi-hermetic, screw. A part of Emerson Climate Technologies.
WIDE RANGE OF MECHANICAL CONTROLS Alco Controls, with over 70 years experience in the design, manufacturing and application of controls, is established as a leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. CONSTANT DEVELOPMENTS Since the introduction of the first Alco Controls expansion valve in 1924, we have made constant additions and improvements to our product portfolio. In addition to flow controls, Alco Controls offer a complete line-up of pressure and temperature controls, system protectors and oil management devices. All are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. MOVING TO ELECTRONICS Electronic controls now play a major role in optimising system performance. New Alco Controls electronic expansion valves are available from 0.6 to 900 kW capacity. These, plus a full range of electronic controllers, complete the Alco Controls system for operation, supervision and monitoring via industry standard networks such as LON and TCP/IP.
Carel - innovative products for refrigeration and air-conditioning industry - controllers, sensors and protection devices, monitoring systems, humidifiers.
Kelvion  Goedhart
Aircoolers and air-cooled condenser for industrial and commercial applications; designed-to-order and standard. Production facilities in the Netherlands and Czech Republic.