Coil, The heart of a Heat Exchanger

Robust and reliable, excellent performance through a combination of quality materials, craft manship and experienced engineering.

Coil configuration and materials:

AU.s air coolers are available with all the Goedhart tube configurations and materials:

    Copper tubes / Aluminium fins
    Stainless steel tubes / Aluminium fins
    Stainless steel tubes / Stainless steel tubes
    Steel hot dipped galvanized tubes and fins
    On request Aluminium tubes and fins

Construction, durable and clever

Different casing materials are used for a robust construction.

The following casing materials are available:

    galvanized sheet steel
    galvanized sheet steel with a white finishing
    stainless steel

The space between the coil block and the leg keep cold brigging to a minimum.

Legs to fix the air cooler on the floor or to the ceiling.

Drip tray

An extra wide drip tray to collect all condensation water from the side end plates of the coil.

The aluminium inner tray provided with special profiles for optimal conductivity for a hotgas coil or electrical heating elements.

Options for the drip tray are insulation in the galvanized steel outer tray to prevent condensation at the outside of the drip tray of a hygienic polyester drip tray to prevent condensation and is easy to clean.


Different suppliers of fans give you a wide choice of fan options

Axial flow fans are angled up, which means:

condensed water will flow back in the drip tray of the air cooler

less danger of freezing of the impeller longer air throw for draw-through air coolers

Optional fan heating elements prevent freezing of the impeller in low temperature applications


The AU.s air coolers are used in a wide range of industrial applications:

    Blast freezers
    Slaughter houses for red and white meat


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