The range Goedhart PAC (Pleasant Atmosphere Cooler) ceiling mounted air coolers is especially designed to take care for cooling with decreased draft. Because of that PAC is preeminently suitable for rooms that people are working in, like working room applications. The build-in height is low in order to maximize the use of the cooling room. The range consists of 22 types with a nominal capacity range between 4,9 and 54,2 kW. The modular design incorporates 3 different sizes of fans (400, 450 and 500 mm).


    Tube pitch : 38x33 mm staggered
    Tubes : 12mm e.d copper tubes

          i = internally enhanced tubes for refrigerants

          p= internally plain tubes for coolants

    Fin spacings : 4 mm: for applications with air temperatures from 4°C.

          7 mm: for applications with air temperatures from 4°C or with expected frost.

    Fins : aluminium HT-fins
    A good thermal contact with the fins because the copper tubes are mechanically expanded into fully collared aluminium fins.
    All coils for refrigerants are pressure tested to 40 bars.
    All coils for coolants are pressure tested to 15 bars.
    Construction suitable for ceiling mounting.
    Casing is made from galvanized sheet steel. (Stainless steel optional)
    Corrosion resistant white spray finish (RAL 9003)
    The end covers can be easily removed for maintenance.
    The drip trays are hinged.
    Almost all fixing materials are made of stainless steel.

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