The range Goedhart FC38 standard ceiling mounted air coolers are standard air coolers for cooling and freezing applications (FC38S), working/preparation rooms and storage rooms for humidity sensitive products (FC38D) and for cold storage rooms with height limitation (FC38L). The standard FC38 aircoolers are suitable for all known refrigerants and not corrosive coolants, with the exception of NH3. The fans are suitable for operation in air temperatures between -30°C to +40°C. When the air temperature is lower then -30°C , special fans are needed.

Internally enhanced tubes


    Tube spacing             

      38 x 33 mm

    Fin Spacing

      4 mm: Suitable for cooling applications with air temperatures above 0°C and where no considerable frost is expected

      7 mm: Suitable for applications with air temperatures below 0°C and and where no considerable frost is expected


      Tubes: Copper Ø12 mm od (internally enhanced tubes improve heat transfer )

      Fins: Aluminium


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