The Goedhart DVS range of dual discharge ceiling mounted air coolers consists of 162 types with capacities between 3,1 and 151.7 kW. The aircoolers are especially suitable for cooling and working room applications. The height of the aircooler is low, so the maximum space in the chill room can be utilised. The coil block is standard build from aluminium end plates, copper tubes and aluminium fins. The fans are arranged for blow-through or draw-through air configuration (please state which is required when ordering).The modular design incorporates 5 different sizes of fan, with model options of up to 6 fans per cooler.

Coil execution

    Tube pitch : 50x50 mm straight
    Fin spacings : 4, 7, 10 mm
    Material : 15 mm o.d. copper tubes
    : aluminium HT-fins
    Goedhart DVS coil blocks have copper tubes mechanically expanded into fully collared aluminium fins, providing excellent thermal contact. All evaporator coils are pressure tested to 30 bars (lower by coolants) and supplied with a light overpressure charge.
    The coolers are suitable for the most commonly used refrigerants/coolants with the exception of NH3.


    Construction for ceiling mounting
    Casing material of galvanized sheet steel
    Finishing is standard white epoxy spray (RAL 9003)
    Bend/header protection by end covers, easy removed for maintenance
    2 Hinged drip trays underneath each coil block
    Defrost by hot gas spiral or electric defrost elements will be fixed to the bottom side of the coil


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