CAREL offers innovative humidification and control systems in the HVAC/R market continually striving to anticipate the needs of customers allowing them to achieve superior results through tailor made solutions.



1. Controllers IR33

2. Controllers Easy

3. Controllers for cold stores MasterCella

4. Universal controllers

    4.1. IR33 universal

    4.2. IR32 universal

    4.3. pj heating/cooling

5. Sensors and protection devices

    5.1. Temperature Sensors NTC, PT

    5.2. Temperature and Humidity Sensors DP

    5.3. Pressure Transducers SPK

    5.4. Transformers

6. Monitoring Systems

    6.1. PlantVisorPRO

    6.2. PlantWatchPRO

7. Electrical Control Valves

8. Humidifiers

    8.1. Adiabatic humiDisk

    8.2. Isothermal compactSteam

    8.3. Isothermal humiSteam

9. ChillBooster System


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