Alco Controls

Alco Controls

Alco Controls, with over 70 years experience in the design, manufacturing and application of controls, is established as a leader in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.



1. Electrical Control Valves

    1.1. Pulse Modulated Expansion Valves EX2

    1.2. Electrical Control Valves EX4...EX8

    1.3. Electronic Controllers and Sensors

    1.4. Monitoring Server EMS

2. Thermo-Expansion Valves

3. Solenoid Valves

4. Mechanical Pressure Regulators

5. Fan Speed Controllers

6. Pressure Controls and Thermostats

7. Filters. Filter Driers

8. Moisture Liquid Indicators

9. Oil Level Management System OM3/OM4

10. Oil Separators OS

11. Suction Accumulator A

12. Ball Valves BVA/BVS

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